Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Excited about the PDC

So I just filled out a first draft of the my schedule for the PDC '05. As it turns out, I pretty much want to see 3 sessions for each time slot. To give you an example of how difficult some of my decisions are going to be, on the Wednesday of the conference, at 12:30 I need to choose between "Writing Performant Managed Code", "Answers to Common Questions When Building Windows Forms Applications" and "Scrubbing Source Code for Common Coding Mistakes".

I'm sorry, that's just a little too difficult to choose between. I wonder how well a round robin pre-emptive multitasking scheme will work... aaargh, too much overhead between slices.

I guess I shouldn't complain, I'd rather have too much stuff to see than not enough. My only disappointment with this year's PDC is that it is in downtown LA just like '03. The venue worked (even though the wireless didn't) in '03 but downtown LA just isn't my favorite place.

Oh well, its only a couple of weeks away and is sure shaping up to be a great conference.


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