Sunday, November 27, 2005

I want my Next-Gen TV

Have you ever thought about how TV shows will be delivered in the future?

I can tell you how I want it to be delivered: I want a searchable, show based subscription, time shiftable, place and device shiftable (search, subscription and playback) in a simple, integrated experience.

Presently, I'm a proud tivo owner and the tivo has changed the way I watch TV. Sounds trite but honestly, I got a tivo at a time where I had almost given up on watching TV altogether because of the hassle of working off the show's air time. The tivo brought TV back into my life and I'm enjoying it more than ever.

I want more though, I want to see what I have ready to watch from anywhere (i.e. home TV, any connected computer in the world) and then watch it from anywhere (i.e. from my PSP, Video iPod, any connected computer in the world, TV in my hotel room or home TV). The place-shifting is semi-available from Slingbox (when's the PSP and Video iPod integration coming?), and I want that with a more integrated end-to-end experience.

In terms of searching for shows to record, even though I've never seen a better "search and subscribe for TV shows" experience than tivo (kills the Time Warner DVR and the TV Guide powered Sony thing) the next generation needs to be better.

What I really want to do is search for some show from anywhere (Home TV, any connected computer in the world) and one click it into my "TV show aggregator" without worrying about show times and conflicts.

In other words, I really want the RSS blog reading experience for TV shows from a "TV show newsgator" equivalent which my TV, computers, Video iPod and PSP can all access.

IPTV (check out Microsoft TV) is a step in the direction of the future of TV. Hopefully the progress that is being made in RSS and SSE with content (like blogs) in terms of technology and user experience will provide a bootstrap for the next generation TV experience.

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