Tuesday, November 22, 2005

XBOX 360

So I got to Best Buy at about 15 minutes before 9:00AM this morning to pickup my XBOX 360! Unfortunately, the store only had about 60 of them in stock and there was about 120 people in line! Crazy.

It seems a little absurd to me that a big store like Best Buy would only have 60 units at launch (a lot of stores had between 10-50 units) but apparently, there is no shortage conspiracy.

I wonder when the next shipment is going to be? According this article they are trying to keep up with demand:

"Replenishment, replenishment, replenishment, that is the key word here," said Hufford. "We've got thousands of people working in China right now cranking out boxes. The minute they come off the line, we're boarding them up and putting them on 747s."


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